Provide arbitrary drawing for the purposes of debugging your game

Will only show when the Engine is set to debug mode [[Engine.showDebug]] or [[Engine.toggleDebug]]


  • Component<"ex.debuggraphics">
    • DebugGraphicsComponent



dependencies?: ComponentCtor<Component<string>>[]

Optionally list any component types this component depends on If the owner entity does not have these components, new components will be added to the entity

Only components with zero-arg constructors are supported as automatic component dependencies

draw: ((ctx) => void)

Type declaration

optional?: ComponentCtor<Component<string>>[]
owner?: Entity = null

Current owning [[Entity]], if any, of this component. Null if not added to any [[Entity]]

type: "ex.debuggraphics" = 'ex.debuggraphics'

Type of this component, must be a unique type among component types in you game.

useTransform: boolean = true