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acc: Vector = Vector.Zero

The acceleration of entity in pixels per second^2

angularVelocity: number = 0

The angular velocity which is how quickly the entity is rotating in radians per second

dependencies?: ComponentCtor<Component<string>>[]

Optionally list any component types this component depends on If the owner entity does not have these components, new components will be added to the entity

Only components with zero-arg constructors are supported as automatic component dependencies

inertia: number = 1

Inertia can be thought of as the resistance to motion

optional?: ComponentCtor<Component<string>>[]
owner?: Entity = null

Current owning Entity, if any, of this component. Null if not added to any Entity

scaleFactor: Vector = Vector.Zero

The scale rate of change in scale units per second

torque: number = 0

The amount of torque applied to the entity, angular acceleration is torque * inertia

type: "ex.motion" = 'ex.motion'

Type of this component, must be a unique type among component types in you game.

vel: Vector = Vector.Zero

The velocity of an entity in pixels per second


  • onRemove(previousOwner: Entity): void