• ParticleEmitterArgs


acceleration?: Vector
beginColor?: Color
emitRate?: number
emitterType?: EmitterType
endColor?: Color
endSize?: number
fadeFlag?: boolean
focus?: Vector
focusAccel?: number
height?: number
isEmitting?: boolean
maxAngle?: number
maxSize?: number
maxVel?: number
minAngle?: number
minSize?: number
minVel?: number
opacity?: number
particleLife?: number
particleRotationalVelocity?: number
particleSprite?: Sprite
particleTransform?: ParticleTransform

Optionally set the emitted particle transform style, ParticleTransform.Global is the default and emits particles as if they were world space objects, useful for most effects.

If set to ParticleTransform.Local particles are children of the emitter and move relative to the emitter as they would in a parent/child actor relationship.

pos?: Vector
radius?: number
random?: Random
randomRotation?: boolean
startSize?: number
width?: number
x?: number
y?: number