• ScreenOptions


antialiasing?: boolean

Optionally set antialiasing, defaults to true. If set to true, images will be smoothed

browser: BrowserEvents

Browser abstraction

canvas: HTMLCanvasElement

Canvas element to build a screen on

Graphics context for the screen

displayMode?: DisplayMode

Set the display mode of the screen, by default DisplayMode.Fixed.

pixelRatio?: number

Optionally override the pixel ratio to use for the screen, otherwise calculated automatically from the browser

resolution?: ScreenDimension

Optionally specify the actual pixel resolution in width/height pixels (also known as logical resolution), by default the resolution will be the same as the viewport. Resolution will be overridden by [[DisplayMode.FillContainer]] and [[DisplayMode.FillScreen]].

viewport: ScreenDimension

Visual viewport size in css pixel, if resolution is not specified it will be the same as the viewport