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Excalibur.js v0.12.0 API Documentation

Excalibur.js Public API

This documentation is automatically generated from the Excalibur source code on GitHub.

If you're just starting out, we recommend reading the tutorials and guides on docs.excaliburjs.com. If you have questions, feel free to get help on the Excalibur.js mailing list. If you're looking for a specific method or property, you can search the documentation using the search icon at the top or just start typing.

Where to Start

These are the core concepts of Excalibur that you should become familiar with.

Working with Resources

Excalibur provides easy ways of loading assets, from images to JSON files.

Working with Input

Excalibur comes built-in with support for mouse, keyboard, touch, and controllers.

Working with Media

Add sounds, images, and animations to your game.

Effects and Particles

Every game needs an explosion or two. Add sprite effects such as lighten, darken, and colorize.


These classes provide the basics for math & algebra operations.