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Assembled for your entertainment by Erik Onarheim, J.Edeen, and Kamran Ayub for Ludum Dare 33

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Tileset is Oryx 16-bit Fantasy Sprites

Long Shot font by Matty de Cesare

Blood background Copyright 2009 swxxii, CC-BY-NC2 license

Sword Slash Attack Copyright 2013 Iwan Gabovitch, CC-BY3 license

Blood and gore FX performance 1 Copyright 2012 Slave2theLight, CC-BY3 license

Weapon_swing7 Copyright 2013 EverHeat, CC-BY3 license

JM_FX_Fireball 01 by Julien Matthey (CC0)

Music is A Light in the Darkness of Destruction by Halcyonic Falcon X (Public Domain)

Music is Game Over by Halcyonic Falcon X (Public Domain)