An open-source 2D HTML5 game engine

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Feature Rich Tons of features to help build your game quick

Scenes & Actors Cameras Sounds & Media Textures & Sprites
Sprite Animations Physics & Collisions Gamepad & Touch Support Mouse & Keyboard Support
Fluent Action API Tile Maps (w/Tiled support) Math & Algebra Easing Functions
Timers Cross-Platform Sprite Effects Particles
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Made with TypeScript

Excalibur was built from the ground up for TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript that feels familiar to C#, Java, and other strongly-typed languages. This makes Excalibur code clean, easy to read, and maintain.

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Extensive Documentation

Excalibur has a fully-documented API reference that is automatically kept up-to-date with every version, including the master code branch.

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Designed for Cross-Platform

Exalibur is built to target EcmaScript 5 and therefore works in the majority of browsers, including mobile. Use app packaging wrappers like Cordova, Universal Windows Apps, or Electron to create cross-platform games.

Cross Platform