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Your friendly TypeScript 2D game engine for the web.

Free and Open Source

Excalibur is and always will be free and open source! Excalibur public projects are BSD 2 Clause, and will never, ever change.

Made with TypeScript

Excalibur was built from the ground up for TypeScript, a typed superset of JavaScript that feels familiar to C#, Java, and other strongly-typed languages. This makes Excalibur code clean, readable, and maintainable.

Focus on What Matters

Extensive Documentation

Excalibur has a fully-documented API reference that is automatically kept up-to-date with every version, including the main code branch.

Powered by React

Designed for Cross-Platform

Excalibur games compile to modern JavaScript and therefore work in the majority of browsers, including mobile. Since Excalibur games are "just JavaScript", you can use native app packaging wrappers like Apache Cordova, Universal Windows Apps, or Electron to create cross-platform games.