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Excalibur 0.7.0 Release

· One min read
Erik Onarheim

Excalibur version 0.7.0 is now available! This is a very exciting milestone, as we have added a major feature!

New physics system

We’ve implemented a rigid-body physics system, complete with edges, circles, and convex polygon primitives. This enables you to build fully-featured physics games in Excalibur! Fear not, the old physics system is still around for you to use.

a demo of the new physics system, showing birds with a knight helmets being thrown into a tower of blocks to knock them over

Generic lerping and easing

Excalibur now has generic functions for lerping and easing!

the new Excalibur easing function autocompleting in a code editor

the results of the above code, causing a bird to move according to a cubic easing function

Code cleanup

We’ve removed a number of deprecated methods. Check the changelog for a complete list.


We have improved our contributing document to make it easier to jump into Excalibur development. If you’re interested in helping out, read through our new Contributing documentation

Overall there were over 27 issues addressed in this release. Check out the full release notes for all of the details, including bug fixes and enhancements.