Aseprite plugin

This extension adds support for Aseprite SpriteSheets and Animations exported to json.

> npm install @excaliburjs/plugin-aseprite
  1. Export using the aseprite cli or through the UI
Export as JSON in Aseprite
  1. Load the Aseprite resource via the json and voila ✨
  • Use AsepriteResource.getAnimation(name) to retrieve animations by the name in aseprite
  • Use AsepriteResource.getSpriteSheet() to get the equivalent Excalibur SpriteSheet
  • Use Aseprite.rawAseprite to access the raw data structure from Aseprite
  • Use Aseprite.image to access the source image for the SpriteSheet


import { AsepriteResource } from '@excaliburjs/plugin-aseprite'

const game = new Engine({
  width: 600,
  height: 400,
  displayMode: DisplayMode.FitScreen,

const asepriteSpriteSheet = new AsepriteResource('./beetle.json')

const loader = new Loader([asepriteSpriteSheet])
game.start(loader).then(() => {
  const anim = asepriteSpriteSheet.getAnimation('Loop')
  const actor = new Actor({ pos: vec(100, 100) })

Example running