Excalibur supports building tile based games, often referred to as "TileMaps." Excalibur has a Tiled plugin to support the popular Tiled editor map files.

TileMaps can be useful tools to build levels for platformers or top down games.


TileMaps consist of a uniform grid of cells that can be solid or not. Each cell can have it's own graphics.

const tileMap = new ex.TileMap({
  x: 100,
  y: 300,
  cellWidth: 20,
  cellHeight: 30,
  rows: 4,
  cols: 10,

tileMap.data.forEach((cell: ex.Cell) => {
  // Make each cell solid
  cell.solid = true
  // Add a sprite to a cell

Tiled plugin

The is a large update to the tiled plugin, we recommend you use that https://github.com/excaliburjs/excalibur-tiled/pull/162 if it has not yet been merged.

Currently unsupported

Hexagonal and Isometric TileMaps are not yet supported out of the box (but they are in our plans), but with some engenuity you can replicate them. I recommend reading some of the material on Red Blob Games for algorithms around Hexagonal and Isometric